Current Beauty Regimen

Somewhere in between 25 and 30, I hit my stride with a beauty routine that worked well. I had never worn a lot of makeup in high school or college, but during my time in corporate job(s), I was layering it on pretty much every day of the week. So, I guess I figured out what worked best for me.

But then life changed and the daily make-up routine wasn’t totally necessary. These days, I wear makeup about 35% of the time, primarily for church on Sundays or other special occasions). But there are often week days when I have a client meeting or just want to feel put together, and I’ve fallen into a new makeup routine that I’m hoping will carry me through the next several years.

Since I hit 30, a whole new world of dermatological has opened up. Some good, some not so much. I want to be more conscious of what I’m putting on my skin (since it absorbs into the body), not to mention helping maintain whatever collagen I have left. 😉

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