Lately: September 2016

Reading: More of my favorite: Grace Livingston Hill, currently Bright Arrows. Hopping between that and The Good Life for Less by Amy Clark Jones. I recently stumbled across Amy’s blog through yet another capsule wardrobe search, and was delighted to discover that she is local (lives in South Bend) and has written this neat book about creating a budget-friendly lifestyle for families.

Watching: Dr. Thorne. I love anything Masterpiece Theatre, especially by Julian Fellows (director/producer of Downtown Abbey). My attention is always captured by historical romance. I still have the second season of Outlander (Starz) on my watch list ch after the first season inspired me to read the first 5 books! Just waiting for the right time to try a free Starz subscription on our Amazon Prime account and binge watch the whole thing.
Wearing: Mauve Watercolor Floral Scarf and Chewbeads necklace. Both were birthday gifts and I am in love!

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