Fun, Frustrating, Flexible: The Life of a Work-From-Home Mom

It is hard to believe that nearly two years have passed since my life changed drastically, bringing about some of the best changes one could ask for, with the birth of our first child. He will be two years old in November and, to date, this anniversary marks some of the most pleasant years of my life. Not the easiest, to be sure, but certainly the most fulfilling. Although there is still much to anticipate and accomplish in life, I feel blessed to say that I am currently in a state of complete contentment. And that means gratitude. Lots of it.

That being said, contentment is not necessarily synonymous with complacency or personal convenience. Each day brings its own challenges, especially as a work-from-home parent. I have found to be true what my mother enforced regularly growing up: for children (and adults as well), schedule and routine are tantamount to a sense of security and therefore comfort. Comfortable people perform better, behave better and tend to enjoy life more.

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