…This Fallen Place Home

It’s been about two years since we move to Indiana and around the same time I shifted this blog from “Real Housewife of Chicago” to “The Hoosier Homemaker”, choosing the tagline “Making Indiana Home Sweet Home” to summarize my sporadic blogging moments. It still fits, but the depth of the statement hit me again this morning.

I keep an iPhone charger plugged into my car and pop it in whenever I’m driving (since my phone seems to be dying faster and faster these days). Every time I connect, my iTunes starts auto-playing in the car and the first song to come up is Abraham by John Tibbs. I’ve listened to this song many times over the last several weeks (since it always comes on first in alphabetical order and I have yet to change any playlists on my phone), and this morning it struck me a little differently.

It’s not where you’ve been
It’s not what your eyes have seen
It’s Not who you are
It’s not what you’re
It’s Not what you say
It’s not what your hands have held
It’s the grace of God who makes this fallen place

For the longest time, I thought the last word in that phrase was “Home”. It made sense to me that God has put us on this earth as our home (for now) and His daily workings of grace are what keep us here.

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