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I love decorating. Even when I was younger, a favorite game was to re-arrange furniture in my bedroom or our playroom/study. I still get a kick out of making small changes in our apartment that pack a punch without spending a lot of $$$. Recently, Patrick has even gotten into helping out and his suggestion for a furniture rearrangement in our living room (also my office space), has made a huge difference in the space!

I am constantly perusing home stores (ZGallerie, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Ballard Designs, just to name a few of my favs!), but I also like to play a little game–call it the grown-up version of my childhood rearrangements–where I pick out a specific item and design a room around it (digitally, of course). The pièce de résistance is usually a piece that’s on sale or something I wouldn’t normally choose for myself — this makes it more fun and challenging to work with!

This week’s piece was a warm,  earthy/floral-patterned duvet set on sale at Target:

I liked the warm colors and the pattern (I have a hard time saying no to florals!), and the price made it a worthwhile pick ($99 for the Queen). Also, because our bedroom is currently in a palette cool blues, I wanted to play around with a color set of an entirely different focus.

And here’s what I came up with:

 The linen nail-trim headboard is something I’ve been dreaming of for a while. A DIY project available  several places online (most notably:, I’m looking forward to actually accomplishing this one someday as the in-store equivalents range from $800 to $3000!

The side tables, leather storage bench, rug and purple throw pillows are all Target finds (I’ve been eyeing the plum pillows for a while as well as you’ll see from my Wishlist to the right!). I love the shape and color of the orange bedside lamps — a pop of color that I wouldn’t normally be drawn to, but it seems to fit with this scheme. The other accessories (wood-carved owl set, framed botanical prints, random stack of books) were all Google Images finds. I love vintage botanical prints and hope I can find a place for some in my future home…..You know, the one I’m always daydreaming about? 🙂

And that’s my happy thought for Monday!

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