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I have been keeping up my painting off and on since graduating with a degree in Fine Art in 2008, but it’s been hard to maintain a regular studio schedule what with work and the other extracurriculars of a young housewife. But recently I’ve been able to finish a few new paintings thanks, in part, to a studio class I took at Palette & Chisel academy with incredible artist Michael Van Zeyl (more on his work later — beautiful & inspiration stuff). The class was a short 5-week session, but the culminating “Small Show” coming up this weekend (Aug 28) has been my inspiration to finish the still life I started in the class and complete a second one. All the paintings in this show must be 12″x16″ or smaller, and must be priced under $250. So, here’s the finished works (signed and in frames, no less!)

“Three Nectarines” 11×14. Oil on Canvas.

“Bittersweet” 11×14. Oil on Canvas.
(If you’re curious, the title of this one is a tad obscure but there is an explanation: The book in the still life is actually The Secret Garden (didn’t have time to finish the details/title), which is one of my favorites of childhood reading material, and therefore a sweet memory to me. The lemons are, of course, bitter — and with that explanation, I hope the oxymoronic title seems more apt.)

The paintings will exhibited and for sale at the Palette & Chisel Small Show this Saturday for $125 and $150 respectively. If they don’t sell there, I’ll be offering them to anyone with the best offer. 🙂

P.S. Bonus Question: Care to take a guess which one was painted in the artist-supervised class?

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