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I’m not always a fan of the mainstream Christian music that is played on the radio — I’d rather listen to something more indie, good ol’ classical music or hymns (I can make some recommendations if you’re interested). But sometimes, a band will really hit the right note (no pun intended). The other day while driving out to the suburbs for work, I happened to have on The Message station on XM. Their playlist is really hit or miss, but all of the sudden a song caught my attention…. by the end of it, I was tearing up. It’s a must listen: Tears of The Saints by Leeland

It may not be your style–I’m not as moved by most of the band’s other music–but it’s worth hearing what is being produced nowadays. I’m not the type of person to think that a single song will revive the world (solid, Bible-based preaching is a much better remedy), but it can certainly go a long way towards awakening. I’ll try to post more updates every once in a while about emerging Christian musicians. What you listen to can have a lot to do with what goes on in your head…. and subsequently your actions.

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