Currently: May 2018

Here we are almost finished with May and I’m just trying to keep up! Spring has blossomed into full-blown summer heat here in northern Indiana, and we are soaking it up with late afternoon pool visits and plenty of outdoor play in the backyard.

Planning: Summer Reading List
The school year isn’t technically over until June, so I haven’t started reading any new books yet, but I’m planning on cracking open plenty of new covers over the coming months! I always enjoy reading, but it’s kind of fun to have a list to work through… without having to worry about writing a report at the end of the summer! One summer in Chicago, a few years back, I visited a used bookstore at the beginning of the summer and picked out several $1 books to read (I almost always judge a book by it’s cover) — and I remember enjoying every single one of my picks! There’s a used book store that recently opened up downtown, so I may have to make a visit and pick out some new titles to read. Especially since I’ve been reading a lot on my Kindle app lately, it will be nice to turn some actual pages!

Wearing: Summer Capsule Wardrobe
All of the sudden, it’s shorts season! I’m loving the Summer Capsule by Classy Yet Trendy since it features a lot of the colors and patterns already in my warm-weather wardrobe. I find it so helpful to reference Leanne’s outfits ideas and workbooks when planning my seasonal capsules and helping me decide what needs to stay, go, or be updated in my wardrobe. Her style is feminine and classic, and her eBooks are a great tool for closet clean-outs or outfit inspiration!

Listening: Mat Kearney, Crazytalk
Kearney’s latest album is my jam right now. Catchy tunes, layered beats and meaningful lyrics made for happy listening… or summertime dance parties!

Enjoying: Pool Time
Shorts season also means pool season! We are lucky enough to live 5 minutes from my in-laws who not only have a pool, but live on the river with a boat. Now that the warm weather has arrived, and we are soaking it up with plenty of time spent outdoors, in and on the water. Cormac and Moira love the water, and are learning to swim without floaties. Reagan is getting her first taste of the pool (literally!) this season, and it’s looking like she’ll be as much a water baby as the other two. And it doesn’t hurt that there are a couple extra adults on hand when we visit to help out.

Anticipating: Road Trip/Family Reunion
Our annual family reunion is quickly approaching, and we are gearing up for the 12+ hour road trip to get down to southern Georgia for this visit with 75+ family members. I’m planning travel wardrobes for myself and the children to ensure we don’t overpack and looking forward to enjoying another visit to Callaway Gardens!


What are your plans for summertime?

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