Summer Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Baby #3 is due to arrive in November, and that will be here before I know it!

Although the first trimester seemed to drag by with constant nausea and fatigue, I looked at the calendar the other day and realized I only have about 4 months left until this baby arrives. Yikes! We recently discovered that baby is a GIRL, and are a little stumped on name choices…. so, while that is a priority in the back of my mind, the day-to-day tasks are taking precedence at the moment. I’ve finally hit my 2nd trimester stride, and feeling somewhat more like my normal self in getting things accomplished with work, parenting, household duties, etc. It was a good reminder of how much I take good health for granted, and my current daily gratitude list includes the blessing of feeling well and rested.

That being said, I’m back to my closet shenanigans of creating a capsule wardrobe that will help me dress quickly and easily over the next couple months. A week-long vacation in (sweltering) Georgia gave me the chance to test out some of my favorite summer pieces for the capsule. I’ve had to adjust a few pieces that just won’t fit much longer, but I’m trying to make do with previously purchased maternity items rather than spending money on new ones. I have plenty left from my two previous pregnancies, and this pregnancy is even the exact timing as my first one (DS was born in late November 2013!). So I have many pieces that are seasonally appropriate, although I was working in a corporate office at the time and several of the work-wear items just aren’t necessary for my current work-from-home-mom lifestyle. Nonetheless, there are plenty of items to style, and even some of my non-maternity apparel will continue to work for a while. The palette was pretty easy to determine based on the items I already own.

This capsule is for daily wear, and doesn’t include athletic/lounge wear (you know, for when I pretend like I’m going to work out and/or do nothing around the house… ha). I didn’t really set a limit on the number of items to include, but ended up with 25 pieces, not including shoes and accessories. It doesn’t look like that many pieces at first, but there over 40 possible outfit combinations! And that doesn’t even include variations with footwear and accessories.

4 Bottoms / 3 Dress / 14 Tops / 3 Toppers



Sunday/Church outfit

Working at home / Running errands 

I love this colorful floral kimono (found at Ross!) and it pretty much encapsulates the palette I’m working with — those ocean blue/greens and pinky/corals. Feels very summery and goes well with my neutrals of navy, white and denim!

Client meeting / Working at home

What are you wearing this summer?

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