Currently: April 2017

Feeling: Refreshed after an enjoyable spring break spent in Georgia with family. The children handled the 11-hour drive well (both ways!) and I got to visit with some folks I haven’t seen in a while. And we all seem to be finally recovered from the longest cold/cough ever, AND spring seems to have made its way to Indiana. Win-win-win!

Listening/Watching: Many Beautiful Things documentary about the artist and missionary Lilias Trotter, with music composed by one of my absolute favorite musicians Sleeping at Last. The story of Lilias’s life accompanied by gorgeous music is so beautiful to savor and enjoy.

Accomplishing: As much as I can. There’s always a catch-up period after vacation, so I’ll be doing double-duty (read: late night work hours) to make sure everything gets taken care of. I am so grateful for a job that allows me to have a flexible schedule, and a range of clients that allow for balancing my work load to fit in mini-vacations throughout the year!

Needing: A housekeeper? My carpet and tile floors are a mess and my poor dog still thinks the dining room is the ideal place for midnight mess-making. 🙁 I have a hard time setting aside the necessary hours to really clean/scrub the way I know this place needs aside from quick sweep and mop sessions…. any volunteers?

Planning: Meals with my favorite new app Mealime! It makes meal planning for the week ahead a total breeze, complete with fast, healthy options and a grocery checklist. Plus, a trip to Chicago at the end of this month to see a favorite band, Branches. And summer travel plans for weddings and family reunions!

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