Flying High in July

Well, I FINALLY managed to pull myself together enough to create a desktop wallpaper for the month of July…even though it’s almost over! So I just left off the calendar part for the rest of this month, and you can use the wallpaper whenever you want. 🙂 Guess I’d better get a head start on August! This desktop calendar project is probably the most consistent thing about my blog this year… the only thing that’s gotten me to post at least once a month. And that was part of the goal. So, mission accomplished so far!

This month has been busy, busy, busy: starting with a wonderful trip to see family in Georgia/South Carolina. Returning to the office after a week away is always so hard. It takes at least 5 days to relax on vacation… and by the time you finally get your brain to calm down, you have to go back to work again! So catching up was a bit of a trial. Even though it’s past mid-year, I’m working on some new organizational tactics to streamline my freelance business a little better while I’m also chasing after a toddler. My work hours are shifting all the time, which can make rush projects and external deadlines a bit tricky. But, I love being able to work from home and keep my son with me the majority of the time. Needless to say, it all keeps me on my toes.

All that to say, July has been a month of daydreams and deep thinking. This wallpaper theme was inspired by a particularly enjoyable trip to the Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens, a childhood favorite that I was able to share with my child this year! Fun times and good memories. Here’s hoping you’re flying high through these last several weeks of summer!

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