Hello, 28!

Well, folks, I apologize for the hiatus. It’s been a busy summer!

I figured since today is my birthday and the beginning of a new age (28, in case you’re wondering), I should kick things off with a fresh blog post. We are finally mostly settled into our house and maybe, just maybe, finding a routine that works for the day-to-day.

McBaby is coming up on 9 months old (wait, what? how did that happen so fast??) and I can’t believe I’m starting to think about plans for his first birthday party. I’ve barely recorded everything about his first several months in his baby book and here we are coming up on 1 whole year! Guess I’d better absorb these next months like crazy before my baby suddenly transforms into a toddler! He is already crawling around everywhere, seeking out plugs/outlets/dangerous electronics like he has a radar for them, and I get the feeling walking is not too far off… He is a vibrant, independent, hilarious little man and I love life with him.

DH is getting settled into his new job, including traveling every couple of weeks which was the goal of the new position, but still takes a little getting used to for me. My freelance business is “booming” you might say, and I’m feeling completely affirmed in quitting the corporate life to work from home and stay with my little guy. Overall, we are pleasantly acclimating to this new life in the country and I am counting my blessings to the soothing sound of crickets each night.

There’s plenty of other things to say… like what projects I’m working on around the house, my renewed efforts in studio art, wardrobe planning, organizing tips, fun baby stuff…. but I guess I’ll leave that all for future posts. 😉

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