Real Housewife of… Indiana?

Well, my last post was… a long time ago. Months and months! And a lot has happened during that time. Wanna know what? Read on, dear reader.

I quit my job.
We got a puppy.
DH got a new job.
We packed up our apartment and moved to Indiana.
We bought a house.
I cut my hair!

Yep, that’s a lot of big girl stuff. Plus, running my freelance graphic design business and taking care of little man, aka McBaby. We are currently living with the in-laws while we close on the house, which is officially next Friday (!). Our puppy is an American Pitbull Terrier and, before you freak out, she is the sweetest thing. Except for when she does her business on the carpet (still not house-trained), and then she is devilish and she knows it. Her name is Flynn. I’ll try to post some photos soon.

The “quit my job” thing is a little misleading. I really knew throughout my pregnancy that I wasn’t going back to my full-time office job but, for various HR reasons, decided to keep my mouth shut. After McBaby arrived and life settled into a more normal routine, the decision was made official. That was around the beginning of March. About two weeks later, DH decided to quit his job, too. Good idea, right? Two unemployed adults (well, technically I am employed… by myself) with a new baby. An adventure, I say!

And then he got a job! At a company we will affectionately term “Truck Dynasty”, because it is owned by his father. Having worked for many years in various capacities at my father’s medical practice, I happen to think family businesses are the best. You get to spend all day with the people you love most? Win, win! For the most part, anyway…

So, here we are in Indiana. I am working from home while taking care of McBaby and loving every minute. My freelance graphic design business is booming (and I’m always taking new clients!) and I love having the freedom to hang out with my son and tackle homemaking at the same time. I couldn’t be happier. My cup runneth over. Life is great and God is good.

And that’s the update for now. Just wanted to let y’all know I’m still here. And I may need to consider changing the name of my blog…

More to come!

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