New Mom Essentials

The past couple weeks have been quite an adjustment period, but I am loving new motherhood and getting to know this sweet baby boy. Having my mother around to help during this time has been such a gift, and surviving without her is going to be tough! She and my father left on a flight back to Georgia this past Sunday, and I know the memories of their visit to meet this first grandson are going to be so special to think back on in the coming months. I am blessed with some pretty stellar parents!

In addition to the love and support of family and friends during this time (for which we are so grateful!), there are also a few inanimate objects that have been pivotal in helping me survive these newly-sleepless nights and baby-focused days. Some of these may seem a little silly, but it really is the small things that make life a little easier sometimes…

1. Lululemon Astro Pant
My mother-in-law bought these for me when I realized in the hospital that the only pair of pants I had were the ones I was wearing when I went into labor (and hadn’t properly packed my hospital bag). She ran out and picked these up, and they have basically have not left my body since then (I have washed them… once or twice). They are so comfortable and the criss-cross waistband is perfect for sucking in the postpartum belly.

2. Bravado Original Nursing Bra
A good nursing bra is key. I picked one up about a week after birth when my “ladies” were so engorged that the very thought of an underwire bra was painful. This wireless version is comfortable and easy to snap on-/off.

3. CoverGirl BB Cream
Needless to say, I’m not wearing a lot of make-up these days… But when I want to not look like I haven’t sleep in weeks, this foundation/moisturizer combo is the perfect sheer cover-up. Add a little mascara, and it’s just enough to make me feel not hideous.

4.  Half-Caf Coffee
Oh caffeine, how I’ve missed thee. I’m still trying to limit my caffeine intake after 9 months of decaf, but that extra caf in my cup these days makes mornings a little easier. I’ve actually made my own mix by combining a bag of regular Dunkin Donuts with a bag decaf, but this pre-mixed Folgers would work just as well.

5. iPhone Apps (and technology in general)
Seriously, what would we do without technology? That’s a hypothetical question…I know there are plenty of great things to do that are 100% tech-free. But, it really does make life easier sometimes. The Baby Log app that I downloaded when we left the hospital has been my brain when it comes to feeding and changing the little guy. Adapting to breastfeeding has been a little tough, so this tool has been very helpful in tracking. And my Kindle app is perfect for reading during those late-night/early morning nursing sessions!

6. Scented Holiday Candles
I committed to going decoration-free this Christmas, which is a little sad, but I didn’t want to feel completely out of the holiday spirit and these scented candles have made all the difference. We might not have a live tree this year, but the smell of evergreen still permeates the air!

7. Holiday Mint M&Ms
These were a treat my mother picked up during her visit and I’m sad to say they are all gone now. But they were very tasty and another fun way to enjoy the Christmas season. I don’t normally sit around eating M&Ms, but a little indulgence every one in a while can’t hurt, right? New moms deserve a little break. 🙂

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