A Visit to Georgia

Since this year was our turn to visit the in-laws for Christmas (and we were overseas having our Croatian adventure over Thanksgiving), I decided to make a trip down to see my family in January. It didn’t hurt that my office was closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day which made for a nice long weekend to travel. It was an enjoyable and relaxing long weekend spent visiting with my parents, grandparents and younger sisters. One of the highlights was a multi-hour hike along the Pine Log trail, a picturesque 5-mile trail through the foothills of the Appalachians with several pretty creeks and bridges to cross. Being surrounded by nature is one of my favorite things, and enjoying it with family members makes it that much more fun! These memories will last me for a while, but just in case, here are a few photos:

Sidenote: I was shooting with a new mini-camera received for Christmas and realized halfway through that there was a weird “Soft” filter on, hence the hazy/blurry look to the first few pics. The latter portion are shot with the “Hi-Key” filter which I think is much more true to life. All these new-fangled filters are throwin’ me off! Prefer my good ol’ fashioned DSLR for “professional” shooting, but this little Nikon CoolPix is perfect for carrying along on adventures and travel!

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