2012, here we come!

Is it bad that my resolutions haven’t changed from last year’s? Everything I was thinking and feeling at this time last year still applies… with 365 days worth of experience tacked on for proof.
So, along with yet another new blog design, I’m posting my resolutions for 2012, as well as last year’s Proviso for a New Year’s Revolution. Although the general concepts are the same, I’ve added updates that apply since I first made these resolutions for 2011!
  1. Paint more regularly (it’s been rather sporadic since 2008)–and complete the paintings I start.
    2012 update: I took a few classes at the Palette & Chisel studio in 2011, and plan on doing a few more this year — being in the right environment has a lot to do with keeping the creative juices flowing!
  2. Exercise more often and attain a healthy weight (what this will be I’m not quite sure… I think I’ll know it when I see it).
    2012 update: Our gym membership expired in June 2011…. we just renewed it in November. That means a full 18 months to get back into the swing of things! I’m hoping to do more group classes for Pilates, aerobics, dance, etc.
  3.  *Keep House… better and with a joyful spirit (*This covers a variety of concepts, including but not limited to cooking, cleaning, organizing, decorating and maintaining a general environment of comfort and joy.)
    2012 update:
    This has become increasingly difficult since the start of my new job in March 2011. I couldn’t have guessed how much that would change my schedule back in January 2011, but it does add a new level of challenge to keep up with a housekeeping regimen. I think I’m up to the challenge….. Looks like I won’t be going to bed before 11pm this year!

  4. Cook meals that are both healthy and delicious (this includes weekly meal planning to avoid last-minute restaurant meals and as well as consideration of nutritional value)!
    2012 update: This is also a more difficult task with my job hours, but I know there’s plenty of women out there who can do it — so can I!
  5. Pursue contentment, peace and gratitude in any given predicament: job, location and general life situation.
    2012 update: This is an ongoing pursuit in my life… one with its good days and its bad days. 2011 was a pretty 50/50 split as far as feeling contentment. I’m hoping that one day (soon) everything will just snap into place but, in the meantime, I’m willing to keep working at maintaining that balance.
  6. Be more proactive in all of my relationships — near and far.
    2012 update: I’ve always known that I was something of a loner. I don’t always need company to be happy, but sometimes I really do need someone who gets me and is willing to listen. I realize that’s pretty selfish and one-sided — wanting a relationship that works only when it suits me. So, the update to this goal is to be more giving of myself and willing to make a relationship/friendship work even when I feel like I’m not getting everything I want out of it. A friendship (just like a marriage) takes two people working at it, which can be quite difficult, so my goal for 2012 is to work harder and pursue the relationships that count the most.

So, there you have it. It’s somewhat intimidating to see these in print, but I figure if they’re written down somewhere that makes them more real and binding. Which means I have to try and complete them. For at least another 12 months! Here we go….

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