Dinner Party

One of my favorite activities as a ‘real housewife’ is throwing dinner parties for family and friends. Big family/holiday dinners are few and far between right now (considering home space and distance are not exactly ideal…yet), but I’ve enjoyed having friends over occasionally throughout the last couple years to test my hostess skills and just enjoy the company. Evening meals truly are a special combination of physical and social satiation. It is a time to feed not only the body but also the soul in the company of good friends or family. My memories of family meals around the dinner table–whether on a week night or the Sunday noon dinner–are precious and will continue to edify as I apply the principles I learned at those meals within my own family.

Last Friday was a particularly special dinner as we sat down with a couple we have not seen in several months. Although they are from Spokane, WA, we met through mutual family friends and have been close since their previous stay in Chicago last summer. They are back in the city now for a brief 3 months before moving back to Portland for the new year! I am very excited to have these friends back in town, and was so happy to have them over for dinner last Friday evening. I spent most of the days leading up to the meal attempting to plan the menu, and here’s what we ended up with…

Herbed Chevre Goat Cheese topped with Apricot Preserves
{served with pita chips & water crackers} // Sweet Pickled Okra

Grilled New York Strip Steak
(a la DH the grillmaster)

Sweet-Roasted Rosemary Acorn Squash (squash from the local Farmer’s Market!)

Sauteed Garlic Kale (a new favorite!)

Four-Cheese Risotto (last-minute add on since I forgot rolls…. so it was from a box)

Semi-Homemade Rum Bundt Cake with Glaze
This was a quick & easy recipe for a dessert I have never tried. The result was good enough to try completely made-from-scratch next time!

Overall, I’d say the dinner was a great success. Good food, good wine and good conversation was had by all (including some very good laughs!)

What is your favorite recipe (appetizer? entree? dessert?) to serve guests?

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