Things I like, #2

Dunkin’ Donuts
No, they can’t spell, but they do make good coffee. I’ve been a fan of the French Vanilla flavored ground coffee from DD for a while, and I am just now beginning to make a foray into their prepared drinks. Having a coupon* always helps, so I stopped in this morning (after dropping off DH at work… not a normal occurence, mind you) for a “Dunkaccino”. Now, I don’t want to know how many calories were in this sucker, but it sure did taste good. Plus, you really can’t be good coffee for 99 cents.
*[Speaking of shopping with coupons…. that’s another thing on my “Like List” these days]
You may or may not realize that I have a slight problem with online shopping… or rather e-window shopping. I don’t always buy… but at almost any given point during the day, you might find me perusing products from the myriad online stores available to me through the interwebs. I make wishlists, fill shopping carts, and imagine how chic I will look in those fab suede Steve Madden pumps. Yes, it’s true. And it’s a problem. : But, when I actually need to buy something (say, a book for our couple book club), always comes in handy for buying used copies on the cheap! Offering everything from DVDs and MP3 albums to designers shoes and clothing, Amazon offers just about anything you could want in new or used condition (for those discontinued items you never thought you’d find again!) It’s also my personal favorite for creating birthday/holiday wishlists for myself…. or perusing those of others to buy from. So, if you expect a gift from me any time soon, it wouldn’t hurt to set up a handy-dandy little list at (you guessed it) Amazon!

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