Future of Forestry

I know I like a song when it gives me goosebumps…. or when, after I’ve listened to it once, it keeps re-playing over and over in my head and I can’t wait to hear it again. Every single one of Future of Forestry‘s songs is exactly like that. Somehow, I stumbled across this amazing band while searching for another album that I really enjoy (Fires of Life by Cool Hand Luke), and was so pleased to discover that the “Alt Christian” music niche is much wider and deeper than I expected.

Eric Owyoung’s voice (lead singer) reminds me of Matt Hales (Aqualung); the melodies are distinctly original, though hint of something like Switchfoot…but better; some of the riffs even echo faintly of a band like Mae, but FoF has a distinctly beautiful feel with meaningful lyrics; the creative percussion (Sufjan Stevens, anyone?) and extended choruses are awe-inspiring. I’m not name-dropping just for the sake of it, I’m simply thrilled to have found a band that combines the sounds of some of my favorite bands.

So, go ahead: give it a listen (Travel & Travel II EPs)

(The album covers are pretty nifty too — painted by the lead singer’s wife.)
Also, as a side note, the name of the band is inspired by this beautiful poem by C.S. Lewis.

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