Petty Behaviors

Sometimes I’m not really sure if we ever grow out of middle school (or high school, for that matter) mentalities. I’m speaking of myself, too, when I say this (not trying to throw jabs). Some situations in life just make it ever more clear that the human mind/spirit is prone to drama….and even prone to enjoying the pain it causes. I’m not sure I want to discuss the situation I’m referring to in specifics, but the gist of it is that people always want to claim being victim. It’s like a game of blame-shifting (but then, it’s been that way since Adam & Eve!) that is all about playing innocent, avoiding guilt and garnering pity. Take a step back, and it all looks pretty selfish from the audience’s perspective–but you can never see that when you’re stuck in the acting.

As difficult as it is to drag yourself away from the pull of drama (what I mean is letting petty human behavior really get to you), I think that may be the true task of “growing up”. It will never completely go away (we live in a fallen world), but the hope is that perhaps someday we will watch it subside from the sidelines with little to no involvement–or perhaps the type of involvement that resolves the issue altogether (without making it worse first).

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