Life Lately…

Life lately has been… different. An adventure, you might say. Or at least that’s how I’ve been trying to look at it. Since the advent of C*vid, various public health restrictions have been re-shaping our social landscape for the last year or so (pretty much since Maeve was born, March 2020). Face masks are more prevalent than sunglasses and businesses everywhere, from restaurants to retail, have been forced to close, some never to reopen. It’s been difficult and frustrating to watch from our home-front view.

Our church was closed for a time, the children’s preschool schedule was altered, playgrounds were shut down, and many other activities that we might normally participate in have been placed “on hold”. As a work-at-home mom, many aspects of my daily routine have stayed the same — I’m grateful to say that my workload has stayed consistent, and Patrick’s business is considered “essential”, so we have not been without pay for the last several months, as some have. God has graciously sustained us in the midst of these changes. He has also given us many sources of joy, from Maeve’s birth to more sibling playtime and new at-home family worship opportunities. We have spent more time outdoors but still somehow managed to watch more TV than we probably should. I have probably drunk more coffee (and more wine) than in the last 2 years combined. And I have very little about which to complain.

Often, looking to the past can help inspire hope for the future, and this is something I have turned to

New Music from Old Favorites

The Brilliance

Rereading Favorite Books


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