Fall 10×10 Outfits

OK, I’ll be honest, I haven’t followed the 10×10 challenge to a tee, because there were several days where I just needed different options. I usually go a little more formal for church on Sundays, and the items I selected weren’t quite what I wanted. BUT, I have created several outfits from my set of 10 items, so I’m sharing a few of those here today! Overall, I think these pieces have been really easy to mix and match for everyday attire, especially when adding different shoes and accessories to mix things up. I guess I tend to gravitate toward a certain color palette, since I was easily able to incorporate my existing accessories.
10×10: Olive Ruched Dress + Tan Cardigan Accessories: Ankle Boots, Floral Scarf
10×10: Black Long-Sleeve Tee + Burgundy Pants
Accessories: Animal Print Scarf, Ankle Boots

10×10: Burgundy Pants + Cream Ruched Tee + Printed Cardigan Accessories: Lace-up Flats, Needed some jewelry!

10×10: Bootcut Jeans + Striped Tee + Tan Cardigan Accessories: Ankle boots, Gold pendant necklace

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