Maternity Photos

When I was expecting McBaby #1 (Cormac), Patrick and I were able to get some photos taken by a talented friend. It was a fun session, and the resulting photos were fantastic! I cherish them and love how they captured those sweet days before we welcomed our first child into our lives. Life does change a lot after you have children, and even more so with additional little ones, but these are good changes and I feel so blessed to be experiencing them. The childbearing and rearing years are relatively short, when viewed in the entire span of life, and I’m trying to really enjoy them while I’m in them!

I took several iPhone selfies when pregnant with McBaby #2 (Moira), but no professional shots. I managed to snap a few of myself with my tripod and remote, including our Christmas card photos for 2015. With McBaby #3, I wanted to get some professional shots done to capture this phase of life and, honestly, to give myself an ego boost! Mom life can wreak havoc on your appearance and mentality, but there’s nothing like professionally shot and edited photos to make you feel good about yourself. Especially when very pregnant! 😉 I’m so glad I had these done and will cherish the memory of carrying baby #3 thanks to these lovely photos.

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