Christmas Card Photo Outtakes

Because even the shots that don’t make it on the Christmas card are still worth sharing… 😉

These were taken on Cormac’s 3rd birthday — a Tuesday, late afternoon after naptime, it was chilly but not too cold, no snow on the ground yet and the light was perfect. I dragged these two outside and forced a photo shoot that gave me just enough good shots to create our Christmas cards. I figured it was easier to shoot two than try to get all four of us in a photo with the remote shutter release like last year’s snow shot… but maybe I’ll try that again next year. I love looking through the “in between” shots that show their personalities. Cormac was being such a sweet big brother, coaxing Moira to sit with him and holding her gently. All she wanted to do was crawl around and try to eat grass! The star prop didn’t end up being in the final shots, but it was a good temporary distraction. Good memories and precious shots of these two blue-eyed babes!

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