Late Fall/Early Winter 10×10

This post is all about two things I’ve probably spent way too much time on lately… capsule wardrobes and ThredUp. The concept of a capsule wardrobe is a little bit deceiving. You think that by having fewer clothes you have to think less about what you wear. But really, there’s a fair amount of time that goes into concocting new outfits from your existing pieces, Pinteresting for style ideas and even ongoing closet clean-outs and wardrobe adjustments that happen as seasons, styles or fit changes. Theoretically, it’s less time than previously spent shopping and figuring out what to wear. But time nonetheless. I guess the good thing is that I enjoy that time spent styling, researching and re-styling my wardrobe. It’s relaxing. My life is a variegated amalgamation of creative outlets and this is just one of many. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea and practice of a capsule wardrobe. BUT, it’s not always a timesaver. 😉

After reading plenty about the 10×10 challenge, I haven’t taken on the challenge myself yet… in practice. I just decided to give it a shot in theory, and use my favorite online shopping tool to give it a whirl! I recently got a cash out from ThredUp and bought a few new pieces to add to my Fall/Winter wardrobe. So, I decided to use those as the base of my virtual 10×10 and then found some more items on ThredUp that were similar to pieces I already own. The result is a capsule wardrobe that I love! 10 pieces (plus accessories) that turned into 12 outfits!

This is the kind of thing that makes me feel like a capsule wardrobe is possible… and preferable. I want to print this out and put it in my closet. I need to remember that just a few pieces have many possibilities, especially when paired with different shoes and accessories. I’m also kinda thinking I need to capitalize on my ridiculously bad habit of trolling ThredUp and Photoshopping outfit boards while watching TV at night. There are so many better things I could be doing with my time… 😐 But hey, if you need something like this, let me know! I charge by the hour. 😉

The Pieces

  • *Navy Pullover Sweater (Gap via ThredUp)
  • *Striped Tee (LLBean via ThredUp)
  • *Teal Patterned Blouse (Gap via ThredUp)
  • Collared Button-Down Sleeveless Blouse (ThredUp)
  • Dark Wash Bootcut Jeans (ThredUp)
  • *Fit & Flare Skirt (Forever 21 via Thred Up)
  • Burgundy Knit Infinity Scarf (Old Navy)

*Items I bought from ThredUp with my cash out balance from a recent closet clean-out. The other items are all from ThredUp, but pretty much the same as what I already own.

The Outfits That I’m Loving!

The combo of navy, burgundy and teal is really up my alley right now. It feels seasonally appropriate, but not too dark, especially when paired with the ivory/cream cardigan. Obviously, all of these outfits are layered with a camisole underneath, and probably a layer of outerwear when heading into the colder temps. But for staying indoors (which I do most days) these are the perfect level of layering. 
I especially love that 3 out of the 4 tops could easily transition into another season. They are lighter weight with neutral patterns that could pair with a skirt or shorts for warmer weather. I really like how the collared sleeveless blouse works with the pullover sweater, adding a pop of pattern to a color-blocked outfit. 

What Are You Planning For Your Winter Wardrobe?

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