Maternity Capsule Wardrobe: Weeks 1 & 2

I’m a little over a week in to my 30-day Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, and wanted to share how it’s going! The true challenge here is all about fit — I’ve already had to trade in/out a couple pieces that I thought would work for the next few weeks. But the funny thing about pregnancy (especially the latter stages) is that your shape changes almost daily! Shirts that fit two weeks ago are suddenly not quite as flattering (or covering).  For example, the black and white plaid flannel that was so comfy and worked great over leggings during my second trimester is now a tad too snug/short to really work. Same with the gray/maroon striped tee. It’s important to note that neither of these are maternity items, so it would make sense that the fit is not quite right at this stage of the game. At least that’s what I tell myself.

So, I had no choice but to go shopping, right? 😉 Although the point of the capsule wardrobe was to work with what I already had in my closet, I tried to find new pieces that would work both before and after baby arrives. What I ended up purchasing were two tops that work as tunics now and will fit more like dresses later (hopefully). As it turns out, stripes are totally acceptable (even with over a large pregnant belly) and not quite as unflattering as one would think.

I love the contrasting pockets on this top — it coordinates perfectly with my cognac boots. These black fleece-lined leggings were a steal from Ross ($6!) and have been a staple in my maternity wardrobe this winter. Ideal for cold snowy days, especially when I don’t leave the house. 😉 The other piece I purchased is this super soft striped sweater dress (Jules Boutique) that also looks great with leggings or skinny jeans.

This black v-neck top by CaBi (not maternity) has been an ideal piece for the capsule wardrobe. Not only is it a longer length with plenty of stretch, but the cross v-neck will work perfectly for my post-baby/nursing wardrobe. The vest was a $20 find at Ross, although I have since discovered (via a local thrift store) that Loft sold the exact same piece a couple seasons ago (for $75!). It is definitely an ideal topper piece, and I’m wearing it again today over the long-sleeve gray maternity tee (from Old Navy). Paired with maternity bootcut jeans from Gap (an eBay purchase from my first pregnancy) and my fav suede booties (a birthday $$ purchase).

The black v-neck made another appearance for church, paired with the marled gray (maternity) skirt and a wine/burgundy open cardigan that was not in the initial line-up but I think is a worthwhile addition for layering over solid tees. So, with the “exchange” of the two new tops and the addition of that cardigan, I’m up to 21 pieces for 30 outfits. Still not a bad equation and I’m having fun figuring out different ways to pair these pieces. It’s extremely helpful to have free reign over my shoes and accessories, as these can really make an outfit feel different.
So, are you inspired to try a capsule wardrobe yet?

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