Currently: October 2015

Listening: Sleeping At Last. Absolutely one of my favorite musicians. He is talented and prolific, which means no shortage of new music! Atmospheric instrumentals and beautiful tunes with  meaningful lyrics. Gets me every time.

Reading: North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. Just finished this one and I LOVED it. I’m a sucker for late-19th/early-20th-century historical romance. I’ve seen the BBC film version several times (Richard Armitage… swoon), but haven’t read the book until now. Well worth it! Plus, the Kindle version is free! And call me vain, but I pretty much love any book in which the main character’s name is Margaret. 😉

Richard Armitage as John Thornton | Daniela Denby-ashe as Margaret Hale 

Watching: Speaking of 19th/20th century masterpieces… Far From the Madding Crowd. Another swoon-worthy romance movie for your next girls night in. I haven’t read the novel yet, and Thomas Hardy tends to be dark, but I can tell you right now it’s a happy ending.

Wearing: All things fall! Scarves, boots, vests… so many favorite pieces. These items have been making a regular appearance: Fall Floral Scarf – Target (similar); Navy Quilted Puffer Vest (J. Crew). I’ve decided I need a plaid scarf/shawl…and lots more flannel shirts. Also, there are SO many fashion blogs out there (reference: below). When do they find the time??

Vest Styling Ideas
(you know… for when I leave the house)

Cooking/Eating: Chili! It must be just the time of year, but I’ve been in a chili kind of mood a lot lately. Not only is it easy to throw together in the crockpot, it also freezes/stores well for enjoyment at a later date! Here’s a new favorite recipe inspired by DH’s preference for bean-free chili: True Texas Chili

Image credit:

Exploring: Boca Grande, Florida. We’ll be heading there at the end of the month for a family wedding and I can’t wait! We went to Florida this past January to visit family, but Northern Florida in January is still wintertime — not quite a sunny beach vacay! Boca Grande is much farther south, on the Gulf coast, and we’ll be visiting the super cute Gasparilla Island. So excited to soak up some sunshine and celebrate with family before we get ready for a chilly Midwestern winter.
Yep… looking forward to this beach view.
Admiring: The artwork of Charles Young Walls. Although I don’t make as much time to paint these days as I’d like, admiring the work of other artists and staying involved with the local art league keeps me inspired and excited about opportunities to keep this passion alive!
“Majesty Rising” 36×30, Oil on Canvas – Charles Young Walls 
Planning: Little man turns 2 years old at the end of November! Making plans for fun toddler gifts and a special family dinner in his honor. Plus, we’ll be traveling to see family in Georgia for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I’m checking out fun activities to try out while we’re there.

What is keeping YOU busy this October?

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