What I Wore: Summer Maternity Style

Summer doesn’t ever come slowly in Chicago. It always smacks you right in the face with a 99-degree day in the middle of July. It stays cold and rainy from March to June and then, one day, it just hits. Last week we had some of those 99-degree days: hot, humid, sticky, sweaty, gross. Boy am I glad I’m only 5 months pregnant! I can’t image hoisting myself in and out of this heat any further along. Thankfully, the latter months of my pregnancy will be once the cool weather returns (really, the majority of weather in Chicago is on the cooler side except for about 2.5 months in the summer, so I shouldn’t complain). I’m just grateful that the sun is shining and the sky is blue!

One of my fun tasks these days is figuring out how to dress my changing body with maternity-appropriate styles that are both flattering and comfortable. I don’t want any Kim Kardashian-style wardrobe malfunctions going on. And I don’t really want to splurge on a whole new set of clothing considering I have a pretty great wardrobe already and I really only have 5 months left of “the bump”. I recognize I’ll probably be sneaking in some “maternity” clothes post-partum as well, though, so I’m trying to purchase pieces that will transition through the next year or so. My weekend outfit seems to hit the nail on the head. I spent Saturday bouncing from one activity to the next (indoors and out) and this outfit served me well through the day. And not a single piece is labeled “maternity”! Although my bump is not really “out there” quite yet, I have definitely had to adjust the types of clothes I’m wearing, and I feel like this outfit offers the perfect balance of style, comfort, affordability and longevity. Love it!

Striped Foldover Maxi Skirt – Peacoat (Wet Seal) $19.90 
Mossimo® Women’s Microrib Tank – Light Heather Oatmeal (Target) $9.00
Women’s Denim Jacket – Dark Worn (Old Navy) $34.94 
Women’s New Classic Flip Flops – Black (Old Navy) $3.00

Portia High Wedge Sling – Red (Payless) $15.00

I love this maxi skirt because it has a foldover waist that is so comfortable and easy to adjust for length — it can be worn with flats or heels! The tank from Target I purchased in XL for a little extra length and width as the belly grows. So far it hasn’t gotten too stretched out, and is the perfect length to work well with other maternity pieces (like the jeans with those annoying full-belly panel, ick). As for the denim jacket, I’ve never owned one in my life and I’ve always thought they were so cute. No need to go maternity in this piece because I really don’t ever foresee trying to button it up — that would just look weird, right? Although this was the most costly item in my outfit, I think it will work for many seasons to come. I paired it with black Old Navy flip flops (cheap & comfy!) for running around during the day, and popped on some cute red wedges for dinner out with friends. I didn’t really wear much jewelry but if I had, it would have been something like this:

Chunky Red Necklace with Wood Clasp – Red (World Market) $19.99
 So basically, the entire outfit is non-maternity and on the less expensive side. Pieces that will last me through the next several months, and hopefully into next summer as well! I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with putting together a successful outfit, don’t you?

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