The Bourgeois Pig

Met a friend here for coffee today: The Bourgeois Pig
(I always have trouble spelling that word–“bourgeois” not pig)

It’s a quaint little coffee cafe off Fullerton in the heart of Lincoln Park, and right next door to the DePaul campus. This may have been the reason it was a tad crowded in the main room. We did not venture upstairs to the “additional seating” area, although from the pictures online
it appears to be pretty cozy.

The extensive menu includes a variety of salads, soups, hot & cold sandwiches, and a host of coffees concoctions and teas. I ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I have no previous experience with this drink for comparison (no, I have not had the Starbucks version although I hear it is great), but I was a little disappointed by the Bourgeois Pig’s offering. I was expecting more pumpkin+spice flavor (?)…..and it fell a tad short. Although, it could have been the abundance of whipped cream topping off the coffee.

I will gladly try the place again, though — any cafe with a menu that large must have something good.

Listening to Iron&Wine Around the Well — and wondering if I will ever be warm again.


  1. Dana

    IMHO – Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is quite tasty, but too sweet; and so, the last time I was in there I opted for the sugar-free skinny vanilla latte – extra hot!!

    I remember going to classes at Hillsdale in the winter…. Once I put on my pea coat, I didnt take it off until I climbed into bed that night. Plus people used to tease me about this fluffy hat I wore.

    Also, I like the Bolton Farms Chai Latte drink, but it's too sweet, too. Sooooo, I brew a 2 cups of Chai tea and dilute the Bolton Farms product. This week I even had the idea to heat up the drink. Yum mee!

    I love warm protein drinks on cold mornings 🙂

  2. Karen Renee

    "wondering if I will ever be warm again". lol poor Margaret. You wil be… eventually. Sometime next June 🙂

    I don't know if this is true in Chicago, but Dunkin Donuts has all small lattes for 99 cents, and they're skinny pumpkin latte is about the best $1.05 I've spent in a while. The perfect little treat. HIGHLY recommended.

    Also, I found this link last week and have been itching to try it:

  3. Mrs. McCarthy

    YUM! Thanks for the suggestions, Momma — and the link, Karen! What a cute blog (PrairieCottageRose). I am becoming more and more obsessed with reading about other people's lives…. I need to start posting on my OWN blog more since I have two such avid readers. 🙂

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