Birthday Memories

Well, here we are, another month of the summer has flown by, and it’s the beginning of August: one of my favorite months of the year! Not only is my birthday this month (18th), it is also DH’s birthday (17th…yes, our birthdays are one day apart) AND our anniversary (30th)! After 5 years of marital bliss, I still haven’t decided if this was good planning or a bad idea, but it does seem to result in some pretty fun/creative gifts. Last year we were blessed to be able to travel thanks to some generous gifting in August. I gave DH a hunting trip in Montana and we spent 5 thrilling days in mountain country. I rode a horse every day for at least 3 hours and my bum has never been so sore, but it was exhilerating! Our lodgings and hunting guide were at Broken Arrow Lodge & Outfitters.

Then, in November, we took an 11-day trip to Croatia. It was incredible. We had seen the country featured on one of our favorite travel TV shows (Anthony Bourdain) and immediately knew it was on our list of places to visit. We also knew we wanted to start trying for a baby in 2013 and this trip was sort of our “last hurrah” (our last big trip was our honeymoon in Ireland, also a wonderful place). We didn’t really know what to expect from Croatia except that it looked beautiful and exotic on TV, the food sounded great and the culture varied. And this was all that we came to experience. Our tour with Gate1Travel included an itinerary from northern Croatia (Opatija) through several cities down to Dubrovnik on the southern coast, and up again to the capitol of Zagreb, then a couple days in Slovenia. We got to see just about every corner of the country who landscapes are vast and varied, from green, misty mountains to rocky beaches, wide plain lands and deep forests. It was right out of a Tolkien story (and yes, I was reading The Hobbit throughout out trip). It was a wonderful adventure for both of us, and we have memories from this trip that will last a life time.

I have tons photos that I still love sorting through from this time, and several that I would like to paint. I’ll share just a few…

Even though it’s just the beginning of August, Fall is already on my mind — and these are my beautiful memories from around this time last year!

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