Pantone Color of the Year: Marsala

I don’t generally think of myself as a pink-wearing kinda lady (just never thought it worked with my skin-tone), but this is a color I can hop on board with. It has just enough browny-red to compensate for the lighter value and, although this makes it somewhat tricky to duplicate, I could definitely see how it could work well with my wardrobe in the coming months. What I really like is the colors it pairs well with, as shown below: a pale, robin’s egg blue, bright “celery” green, and a peachy nude. Although the color may seem like it would be best suited for fall or winter, adding these light hues brightens it up and brings it into spring.

So, without further ado, here are some Marsala-themed mood boards to inspire you to incorporate Pantone’s pick into your life! 

Marsala for the Home

Marsala for the Home

Colored glass lamp base / Jaipur Rugs rug / Surya red throw blanket / Round beveled mirror / Home decor / Red wall art / Red home accessory / Houndstooth throw pillow / Upholstered furniture / Storage table

Although this is not a sponsored post, I noticed that all of these items are available for purchase from Maybe I need to consider shopping there for future home decor purchases!

Up next, Marsala fashion picks… the color is a little harder to identify with so many variants in the shade, so terms like “rose”, “mauve” and “maroon” came into play with this search. The color looks fantastic with gold, nude tones and pale blue-greens, so I added a coordinating items in there to showcase that.

Wearing Marsala

Marsala Fashions

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